2017 Logo polls cannot include: DEX, MEIKO, MAIKA, YANHE, Miku (Default), SeeU (only Korean VOCALOID released).

Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

Deadline is December 10th, 2016.


Pick a generation for English VOCALOIDs.

  • VOCALOID2 with 8 votes
  • VOCALOID3 with 14 votes
  • VOCALOID4 with 23 votes

Pick a company for Japanese VOCALOIDs.

  • Crypton Future Media with 5 votes
  • Internet Co. Ltd with 18 votes
  • AH-Software with 4 votes
  • YAMAHA/Bplats with 9 votes
  • i-Style Project with 3 votes
  • MI7 Japan Inc. with 2 votes
  • Other with 5 votes

Pick a Spanish VOCALOID.

  • Bruno with 11 votes
  • Clara with 24 votes
  • Ona with 3 votes

Pick a Mandarin Chinese VOCALOID.

  • Luo Tianyi with 11 votes
  • Xin Hua with 2 votes
  • Yuezheng Ling with 8 votes
  • Stardust with 22 votes

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