2017 Logo polls part two! Winning VOCALOIDs for Spanish and Mandarin are Clara and Stardust! This round is for English and Japanese VOCALOIDs only

Please read VOCALOID-ALLSTARS journal for more information about this poll.

Deadline is December 24th, 2016.

RESULTS: Pick an English VOCALOID4 (Dex is excluded for being in the 2016 logo)

  • CYBER DIVA with 4 votes
  • RUBY with 9 votes
  • DAINA with 19 votes
  • CYBER SONGMAN with 8 votes

Pick an Internet Co VOCALOID

  • Camui Gackpo with 4 votes
  • Gumi V4 with 5 votes
  • Lily V3 with 1 vote
  • Ryuto V3 with 1 vote
  • Cul with 2 votes
  • Kokone with 12 votes
  • Chika with 1 vote
  • Una with 15 votes

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