I did mention before that I created a group on DeviantART dedicated to all released VOCALOIDs (private VOCALOIDs and upcoming too) today. Before I start sending affiliation invitations to other fellow VOCALOID related groups, there is something that we need first!

And that is, a group icon.

Alright. I am a sucker for GIF icons, because I think they're cool and flashy, and face it, moving pictures usually catch people's attention

What I was hoping for a group icon would be a GIF similar to these groups icons

Example 1

Example 2

Now, I've been wanting a GIF icon for my VOCALOID CHINA group too, but now i'm not worried about that right now. Its currect icon is okay, but if things transition to VOCANESE, then I'll have to move the group anyways :U

Anywho.... I'm not sure which VOCALOIDs to feature on the icon yet.

I am considering:

  • One VOCALOID from each language (Musicnote's idea)
  • The most recent VOCALOID from each company (MEIKO V3 for Crypton, AVANNA for Zero-G, Yukari for AH Software, kokone for Internet co, etc)
  • Simply one VOCALOID from each company (similar to VOCALOID wiki logo idea)
  • I prefer if we used the official artwork for each one by the way, but whatever floats the boat for sure
  • OH, AND TEXT. THE NAME OF THE GROUP that is very important! Or even the "V" from VOCALOID with a star next to it or something cute like that lol, if we can't fit the entire name. Or of course, transition the name from each image too, that could work.  Or even the "V" symbol inside a star.

Don't want:

  • Big 8 VOCALOID only - Again, many groups do this. We want to make it VARIED and diverse! Let the VOCALOIDs who were put in the dark get a chance to shine :D
  • One company only - Again, boring. More diverse please
  • Every VOCALOID on the icon - How much memory would that take? O_O A lot, that's for sure. We have to decide which ones are going on for SURE.
  • Upcoming VOCALOIDs - I might reconsider this. I'm very VERY iffy on Upcoming vocals, because I'm always afraid they'll end up like another Ring and Lui. That's just how I am. But I may be open to this and change my mind.
  • UTAUs, fanloids - Isn't this obvious?

VOCALOIDs that will be used for sure and are up for debate:

  • Hatsune Miku - We can't back out on this. She's the most well known VOCALOID, and I don't need any people bitching about "You didn't use Miku, VOCALOID is not VOCALOID without her blah blah blah". I would prefer to use her V3 design.
  • AVANNA - To represent English. I mean, OLIVER and YOHIOloid are quite good, but I think we need to remind everyone that there's ONE existing Zero-G V3
  • AH Software VOCALOID - For Japanese. AH Software VOCALOIDs are quite good. I think ANY of them will do. I probably want to fish up someone from the V2 era, yet at the same time Yukari also has a good crowd of popularity. I personally would like someone from the first three, but this is up for anyone. I need thoughts on this
  • SeeU - Korean. This is a given and not really a choice as she is the ONLY Korean capable VOCALOID
  • Bruno - Spanish. We need a male VOCALOID somewhere and I think Bruno would be good for this. Yes, Clara and MAIKA are super awesome too, buuuuut Bruno tho.
  • Tianyi OR YANHE - Mandarin Chinese. Hasn't been decided just yet. Up for debate. I would say YANHE for the different art style, but Tianyi because she's more known. I'm fine with either, obviously

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