bandwagon get!

Favorite VOCALOIDs

  • Luo Tianyi
  • Xin Hua
  • Yuezheng Ling
  • Zhanyin Lorra
  • Stardust
  • Yuezheng Longya
  • Mo Qingxian
  • Zhiyu Moke


also to mention

  • DEX
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru


Just about everyone else tbh

Least Favorites

Literally the only one I don't like is Ruby. I don't like her voice and her design is a hit or miss for me (I like it when other people draw her, but I don't like the official artworks...). I find her very difficult to like.

.... and KAITO English. I still don't like KAITO English and honestly rarely ever like it.

Basically I trolled all of you into clicking this thing and didn't bother to elaborate because I'm an incredibly lazy person and I'm supposed to be working right now .w.

... you caaaaan ask why I like or dislike said characters or ask about someone specific that I haven't mentioned if you want in the comments. I'll try to elaborate I guess.

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