Alright, alright. I know I promised I would show you guys pictures of the shop I went to in Ontario.

If you don't know the story already, I was in Canada for July 2014. We always hang around the same areas and we went to visit this mall that I don't really care for... it's not much of a mall, actually.

So, my sister and I were walking around with our parents and we notice this video game shop. I didn't notice anything, I was too busy looking at other titles when sis pulled me aside and was all "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS"

And I'm like... (She's probably going to show me Dragon ball or Naruto or something).

She brings me to the front part of the story and we find all the Project Diva games in Japanese.

I look to my left and noticed a bunch of papers stuck to the front door. It's all advertisement for the upcoming games that would be in stock. And I find IA Visual Tracks stuck to it.

We went inside, looked around. Found lots of figmas.

Can't afford anything, so we back out of there. And I found it very tempting to buy these. But what would be the point? I would need to buy the Japanese systems

Turns out, it seems that the whole shop sold Japanese games. So, this place imported the goods.

We leave and when my sister and mother were shopping for clothes, I went back to the game store. Then I found something that caught my eye. On the side of the store, was Project 575.

Anywho. Enough chit chat. You wanted pics, so.... and my phone was dying at the time, so 3 is all I could get.

Project 575 IA Visual Tracks Project Diva Games

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