Yes, yes. We've ALL been there at some point. Became obsessed with stuff to the point when we're annoying.

I actually purged most of the stuff I made as a weeb. It's shameful. I know, I know, I shouldn't get rid of my stuff, but I'm way too embarrassed about it, it was killing me. \(OAO)

But there is an example of something I made as a weeb and kept. I guess it's because I still have a soft spot for this crack of a pairing.... and not only that, it was the first thing I did since I had a bamboo tablet (may it rest in piece as it dumbed out not even 2 months after I got it =A= ). And I learned the hard way about layers and whatever... and I learned that I hate bases. But I guess it helped in a sense. I was forced to draw clothes at different angles .w.

So here is this monstrosity I once called art

I like what I did with their hair though... at least. That's all :P Otherwise, just....................... meh

The comments I wrote are god awful too heh.  This thing wasn't that bad, to be honest.  I've done worse.  Much worse, and that shit is purged at this point.

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