I dunno what I wanna be when I grow up. :D This is why I'm taking general education for college yaaaaaay! (Which I highly recommend people take this course if they're not 100% sure about what they wanna do as a career)

But hey, I dunno if I mentioned that I have a job now? I work as a facilitator for a certain education group and I'm assigned a school to visit for several weeks. But of course, to students, I'm seen as a "teacher" heh

...... I'll be honest and say that I don't hate the idea of being a teacher. I'm just.. really.... socially awkward :| And lack patience and suck at explaining things.

I think I'm better off teaching Kindergarteners. Kindergarten is cool I guess. Or elementary. Ha ha ha, Middle School and High School, no.

..... but the thing is I'm just really easy to approach. I don't dress very formal. I wear a tee shirt, plus jeans/sweatpants and boots/sneakers. That's basically it. I don't wear blouses or skirts or whatever.... so I'm always wearing graphic tees with my favorite games or shows or movies or even VOCALOID on them. And always have buttons on the purse, plus a fun key charm. So I'm just so easy to approach. I look like a high school or college student, so I understand how kids can think, I guess.

Like, one girl likes Hello Kitty. I like Hello Kitty. Another girl likes My Little Pony (and she even shares the same first name as me, plus is also Asian... so she calls me the "Me from the Future"). I don't mind MLP. Another girl likes Sailor Moon. She asks me for spoilers, lol. A group of kids love Pokemon, and that's always easy to talk about. Another few kids like Five Nights at Freddy's. And of course, another girl likes VOCALOID. I SHARE THE SAME INTERESTS WITH THESE KIDS. So of course, they come up and ask me about these interests or beg me to help them with homework (because there's homework club), rather than the other facilitators. They're really.... adorable.

I don't know if it's really something I want to do though. :P I'll be really honest and say if I wanted to, I'd totally organize my class into something Japanese-like. Take off your shoes and put them in a cubby (easier to clean bruh), clean up the classroom before dismissal... and if you finish your work, rather than go play and whatever, help the others who are a little behind in the work.

I honestly prefer that sort of set up, ha....

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