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    Saddest vocaloid song

    November 4, 2012 by Nimbus.69

    You know what guys? There are WAAAYYYY to many depressing Vocaloid songs, like, seriously, WAY to many. Espically with poor Rin and Len! God, in every other song one dies or even worse, THEY BOTH DIE!

    So, I'm just gonna throw this out there; What is the saddest vocaloid song ever? Here's my list

    • Paper plane/ Prisoner- This is one of those few cases were BOTH the Kagamine twins (or lovers) die. Let's look over it- two star crossed lovers met at the end of a prison gate and very quickly do they grow feelings of love. However, here's the problem- the boy (Len) is in prisoner for unknown reasons, and the girl (Rin) has some sort of sickness that will kill her. In order to communicate, the two must toss paper planes over the prison's barbed gate. …

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