You know what guys? There are WAAAYYYY to many depressing Vocaloid songs, like, seriously, WAY to many. Espically with poor Rin and Len! God, in every other song one dies or even worse, THEY BOTH DIE!

So, I'm just gonna throw this out there; What is the saddest vocaloid song ever? Here's my list

  • Paper plane/ Prisoner- This is one of those few cases were BOTH the Kagamine twins (or lovers) die. Let's look over it- two star crossed lovers met at the end of a prison gate and very quickly do they grow feelings of love. However, here's the problem- the boy (Len) is in prisoner for unknown reasons, and the girl (Rin) has some sort of sickness that will kill her. In order to communicate, the two must toss paper planes over the prison's barbed gate.
  • Soundless voice/ Proof of life- Do I even need to explain? OF COURSE NOT IT'S SOUNDLESS VOICE! Len watched his love Rin die a painful death in the snow in front of him!
  • Servant of evil- Once again, must I explain? This is what makes the Story of evil so popular! The emotion and sadness and love of this song is what makes it the brilliant story it is! Ya know; Len makes Rin put on peasent clothes to escape the mad mob out to kill her, and Len puts on her clothes so that he can die in her place! He'll become evil for her, he's happy to die in her place! And the line that makes it so tragic...If we are reborn and start life anew, let's play together again, like we use to do...even after she's the reason for his death, he still wants to be with her
  • Regret message- OH MY GOD THIS IS DEPRESSING. Seriously, I'm not even gonna explain. This is probably the saddest of the Story of evil. Listen to the Ballad version if you want to ball ya eyes out
  • Just be friends- more bittersweet than really depressing. Luka sings about how she plans on breaking up with her boyfriend so they can start new love lives, but she still wants them to be friends. It sounds cliche, yes, but really, it is a pretty sad one, espically the ballad version.

Music box- Miku sings about how she's waiting for a childhood lover to come back to her. That's really all, but it's pretty sweet and sad and whatnot, so go give it a listen

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