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  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Student
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  • NoPurpose

    ....I just saw the worst fanfiction writer possible. I actually felt like crying when I read some of her/his stories. To see what I'm talking about, (because I don't know if I should/is allowed to link it on here), here's the FIRST couple paragraphs from a Vocaloid story s/he made.

    Hey, I'm Myrakle. I jus got made in to a vocaloid earlier but I really do not care, I mean what's so great about being a vocalic? You just sing and write songs with other FAKE peoples! But anyways, I met all the other vocaloids today, and there all like, really in love with me. Its kinda scarry but, it happens I guess so.

    First off of all, let me explain how I look. I guess I'm pretty beautiful I mean, my hair is all different rainbow colors that everyone is so je…

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  • NoPurpose


    July 26, 2012 by NoPurpose

    I've recently got back on Vocaloid wikia because Florida is really boring...(I'll explain that later...) And guess whatI found? My cousin made an Vocaloid.wikia account in my name! And he used my gmail account. -.-

    Let me explain how this happened. I kinda got a few cousins of mine into Vocaloid, and we sometimes chat about it randomly online since we live really far away from each other. Now I haven't chatted with them in a long time, but I usually hang out on Vocaloid wikia a lot whenever I'm online cause I'm looking for songs I haven't heard. But...I have thought of making an account, but I got too lazy xD. So after a while, since I'm in Vacation in Florida and have completely nothing to do, I decided to make an account, but I found out …

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