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    July 29, 2015 by NoviStarsRule

    Why is VY4 on the upcoming V4 list? It's been there for months, yet I haven't found any confirmation that it will happen. Did I miss something?

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    Ruby and SYO?

    July 17, 2015 by NoviStarsRule

    Shouldn't Ruby's developer on her page be Syo since he was the one who developed her and the only thing PowerFX is doing is distributing Ruby?

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  • NoviStarsRule
    • Tone Rion , I love her nasal twang and her ability to transition from high to low notes very efficiently. Sometimes I feel Rion gets the short end of the stick when it comes to "being HQ" because people mistake the nasal for roboticness and or engine noise when she's actually a very HQ voicebank. I also love her design cause it's pink everywhere and I love pink.
    • Macne Nana , Well when I returned to the fandom after my break I learned about Nana and thought she was an UTAU (which is partly true) and so I grew a liking to her. I loved Nana's voice and design instead of one or the other. When I found out she was a VOCALOID as well I was very pleased because the Macne store was down and I couldn't get her 2S. I heard her voice on V3 for the fir…
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    So the VOCALOID Shop for JP opened up and they added these following trials

    V4 Editor

    Galaco NEO

    V Flower


    Tone Rion

    Aoki Lapis




    Cyber Diva

    and ZOLA Project

    All trials can be located here:

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