I find it extremely odd (or is it just me?) that for all my Vocaloid contributions, none would consider me as a producer at par with most other western producers.

Of course, I know this would come out as arrogant, but although I have faced big problems irl lately that I haven't done much in the Vocaloid scene, I believe I have done something.

But of course, you need to be aware of several factors for this; the language barrier, the popularity, the target audience and prominence.

Also, why does people keep insisting Riza Sotone IS an UTAUloid. And now that I've done stuff for Nemui Taidane, now they think SHE's an UTAUloid too, when she's not. <_<

In response to prominence issue, I believe one reason is the focus on local music covers here, the OPMs. However, there's a reason why I do OPMs rather than Vocaloid covers:

1. There is a serious issue of local musics here being eschewed. So to put them in the spotlight, you need to do some kind of mixing. 2. My language shares identical frameworks with Japanese, with significantly-less tuning time than one would with English for Japanese voicebanks. And then we have the problem of Engloids being received by crickets. 3. Way too many vocaloid covers are done. The scene is saturated by so many covers like that of World is Mine.

Sometimes being a producer looking for a name is a thankless endeavor. Those who become producers for scientific and discovery purposes (I'm a hybrid of these) would simply not care about rankings, hits and popularity. They simply focus on looking for the next best thing in the Vocaloid scene.

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