Hi everybody, i was wondering, how it could be if Vocaloid producers make a "remasterization" of their V2 VB and bring it back to V4 such as Sweet Ann who is my favorite femenine english VB, her voice is very soft, in the idea, maybe it would be great to have a power or an Rock Ann with Growl and a more powerfull voice like Meiko Power or Maika, revive MIRIAM maybe an Original VB, Tonio i think its ok with that voice style, Big Al omg he was one of the most loved from V2. I am not very shure what do people think about Prima's voice, usually i dont use her because her voice style is more suitable for opera sweet/slow songs. Another idea, its make an Job-plugin "retro". During many months i was imaginating how it would be Vocaloid if Voctro labs were created a short time after Yamaha start his Vocaloid proyect to make MEIKO V1, something like: Spanish worker of Vocaloid proyect- Hey, the japanese are making japanese voice banks to sing in japanese, his phonemes are near to spanish ones, but how about do the same thing with the exception of make spanish lenguage voice banks to expand Vocaloid around the world and gain money selling the voice banks as they? I dont think that japanese vocaloids would sound as great as spanish voices singing in spanish, by the way the spanish have more and variated phonemes than the japaneses phonemes, so, spanish will be great to sing in other lenguages aside the japanese vocaloids; Let's make a group between us and the other scientist of the MTG to produce and compete with japanese and maybe in a near future we are going to be an international reference in voice and audio technologies for the entertainment industry. Spanish worker 2 -well, we know how is the process to delevop these singing machines, the first thing to do in order to start producing our "Spanish vocaloids" i think is the lincence from Yamaha, also we dont have our own laboratory and other detail is make a casting to find an exotical o an ideal voice to be the virtual vocalist. Spanish worker 2: Yeah, maybe with some financiation we could do all of that. And maybe if that had happened maybe would exist Bruno and Clara V1 and Maika V2, Lucy and Luan V2 (actual canceled vocaloids due to a few bad comments and the rage of his delevoper Guissepe to abandon vocaloid forever) and a few years later, updated Bruno and Clara to V3, the same with Maika or maybe it would be as with Luka and other Cryptonloids they skip V2 to jump to V4. What do you think about all that ideas people? :)

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