• Olliefar

    I'm gonna just jump on this bandwagon so here we go. I don't mention my least favorites very often and I didn't do this last year so whoever's on that list might come as a surprise to some people? I dunno, let's see.

    For every Vocaloid I didn't mention, if you want to know exactly where they stand, just comment and I'll write about them in a response.

    (these all actually ended up being long and I practically wrote my life story in these I'M SORRY)

    • Kiyoteru.

    This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. I'm not sure how much I should say -- Kiyoteru isn't my favorite in design (despite me drawing him the most), but he's my favorite in every other category. Since I've been in the fandom since 2009, right before he released, I've always hoped fo…

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