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  • OtterJiang

    Got home from the beach and it was lovely, and I get to see even more VOCALOID updates which is nice! Also plan on finishing up a couple song pages which are on my to-do list among other things. Got a tan and some burns and salt water up my nose, but we caught a crab, saw a deer, caught a dead crab, saw three little beach cats and I finished another playthrough on Fire Emblem: Awakening, so hey, all is well!

    In other news;

    It looks like Natasha Allegri did Ruby's final design, correct me if I'm wrong, but after being a massive fan of her art it looks an awful lot like her style. I hope she did it because again, I'm a big fan// Is it just me, or does Ruby look a little angry in the picture? Chunkier than the concept art too, not that it's a ba…

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  • OtterJiang

    I'm Back-- Sort of

    July 23, 2015 by OtterJiang

    Good news; I'm back for today!

    Bad news; I'm gone for a week again starting tomorrow! x'D

    I had some family drama that kept me offline for the month, and thanks to all the hard work I've been doing I was able to hop on today, which is wonderful. Unfortunately I'm not able to do much, but that's besides the point. Thankfully I'll be able to slip in some edits and things. I'm sort of happy there haven't been a ton of updates I haven't caught up with.

    But man; Can we just talk about Dex and Daina for a second? Because oh my goodness their voices. Their voices are amazing. They've officially blown me away, and I'd gladly choose them over Ruby in a heartbeat. They're just so much clearer, and I think the quality's fantastic! Plus the lack of drama…

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  • OtterJiang


    May 29, 2015 by OtterJiang

    It's like Shanghai He Nian is just ASKING for the weebs to attack her. Like

    seriously. Come on.

    The sleeves? Freaking pig tails? I don't care if she has two on the bottom, it's-- It's just too similar. I get that she's unique but Lord have mercy the similarities are too much. It's no good. I'm worried for this VOCALOID. I really am. ._.

    Almost as much as I am disappointed that there's no such thing as a unique design anymore. The design's just half the battle, so I really hope this "custom voice" plan they have under way is going to be cool because lord have mercy this design is killing me.

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  • OtterJiang

    I've been excited for the release of Ruby for a while now, especially after finding out Natasha Allegri did some concept art for her, and they were planning on doing a whole new system of coding for the English libraries.

    But after hearing her first and second demonstrations, I'm not impressed. She sounds nasally and compressed in the first demonstration, and nasally and weak in the second. She hits some notes solid in "Break Free", particularly in the chorus, but she goes from singing "This is the part where we break free"... she just sings a lot of notes weakly, and others not?

    I guess the term there would be unbalanced. Which I'm very worried about considering I want to a) buy her and b) see her succeed. 

    IDK. Maybe I'm being too critical …

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  • OtterJiang

    After being stuck in the Hetalia, Sonic and Naruto fandoms, I've had my fair share of toxic fandoms. Whether it was the people having their OTPs and "ANYONE WHO DISAGREES NEEDS TO GO DIE!!!1!", or arguments on who's stronger, better, faster or the worst characters ever (and again, all who disagree must die), alongside just sheer ignorance of characters, I'd say this one's pretty much right alongside the top ten.

    So on a scale of 1 to 10, how toxic would you rate this fandom?

    From hateful people, to ignorant people, to weeaboos and trolls, where would this fandom fall?

    Personally, I'd say it's a solid 7. The VOCALOID fandom, while huge and full of new vocals, is still plagued by the fact that the only ones people really care about are the Big E…

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