I'm officially diagnosing it; The English/Western producers have an incredible knack for sounding extremely similar when producing music. 

Crusher-P and Circus-P, I didn't really want to notice, sense I like a few of their songs. But they use the same vibrato and tuning techniques with every song. At least, their newer ones. The best proof of this is in their demos for CYBER DIVA (more bloggin' on her, later). You could mash the three of those songs together, and they would fit together perfectly. Because they all have the same sound, and you can barely call them separate demos. Utata-P's songs aren't much better, though they did stray from their formula with the single, monotone note song they used in the final demo. ..Which was slightly incredibly a little bit not fun to listen to.

AkiGlancy was the one I noticed first, and it didn't take three demos back to back to notice. All the songs use the same piano, all the songs use the same synthesized strings, and all the songs have the same tuning, and same vibrato. And all the songs are boring. I can't listen to her music anymore, because it's just the same. It may be due to limitations with software, but there's a lot of potential in her songs to be more upbeat or powerful songs, but all they amount to are soft, repetitive songs.

Ady S is the same way. As is Ghostie, or whatever they go by, now, I forgot. Corasundae is about the only one I know that strays from using the same sound and same themes, and has a lot of variation. One of my favorite producers, by far. I can ignore the impossibly high voice of OLIVER that she uses, because she makes a bunch of different sounds.

I want to do the same thing; Have a variation in sound. I've got multiple pieces in the works (I really shouldn't because it's stressful plus education and things), and no two sound the same. But it's difficult not to have similar sound, or similar vibrato. So, I can understand why these producers have these sounds, and why they stick with them.

I just feel that they've been doing this for a while. They should know their software inside and out, and should be able to do a little variation. Change it up a little. 

It probably sounds selfish, but I'm just bored of all the same sounds. livetune is doing the same thing, and so does ryuryu and powapowa (good gracious, powapowa.. I love you, but come on). 

Anybody else feel this way? If not, then I guess I'm just too used to listening to stuff. :'D

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