So, I had my first panic attack since last summer. And I thought I would never have to deal with those again. I was literally up all night, no sleep. And I have to go to school, today. It was just a massive explosion of catalysts, yesterday, that caused me to get all worked up and anxious. And one of those reasons (of many, unfortunately), was how I conducted myself on here, yesterday.

I got into a pretty rough debate after getting offended by a comment on a blog, which I don't plan on responding to, anymore. While I didn't intend to come off as a white knight, I once again defended SeeU and thanks to my bias, it was assumed that I did it because I'm obsessed with her. And while that's not entirely true (shock//), that's a blog for another day.

However, I did get pretty worked up because I was getting very frustrated with a person that I will probably never meet in real life, and that in turn just helped my day spiral. So, I think it'd be best for me to avoid debates or things like that.

You can all breathe out a sigh of relief ;-) I won't be posting too many opinions or argument baits anymore, I'll just focus more on song pages, when I have time. Last night's anxiety attack really, really had an effect on me, and I don't want to go down that road again. So, expect a few changes in how I conduct myself on here, and hopefully they'll be considered changes for the better. The Wikia's about learning, so I'll do my best to keep holding up to that standard, and remain respectful and as professional as you can on the Internet. :-)

Have a lovely day!

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