After being stuck in the Hetalia, Sonic and Naruto fandoms, I've had my fair share of toxic fandoms. Whether it was the people having their OTPs and "ANYONE WHO DISAGREES NEEDS TO GO DIE!!!1!", or arguments on who's stronger, better, faster or the worst characters ever (and again, all who disagree must die), alongside just sheer ignorance of characters, I'd say this one's pretty much right alongside the top ten.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, how toxic would you rate this fandom?

From hateful people, to ignorant people, to weeaboos and trolls, where would this fandom fall?

Personally, I'd say it's a solid 7. The VOCALOID fandom, while huge and full of new vocals, is still plagued by the fact that the only ones people really care about are the Big Eight. And those that they know outside are the ones everybody else should know; IA, SeeU, Yukari, and Lily (on one off occasion). Of the few students at my school who know about VOCALOID, all they knew aside from the B8 were those VOCALOIDs.

Though one of them DID know Tianyi ("Then there's the one with the blue hair, right? She's Chinese, I think..." -even though it's's gray/silver). Aside from that, you get the YT comments about how Miku's either the best, or the worst, because she hogs all the attention. And then the ones that are like Miku/Len are the best or GUMI/Gackpo are the best and all who say otherwise SUCK.

So VOCALOID fandom, I'd say you're kind of stuck on the high end of the toxicity spectrum. But that's just my two cents. ;-D

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