Good news; I'm back for today!

Bad news; I'm gone for a week again starting tomorrow! x'D

I had some family drama that kept me offline for the month, and thanks to all the hard work I've been doing I was able to hop on today, which is wonderful. Unfortunately I'm not able to do much, but that's besides the point. Thankfully I'll be able to slip in some edits and things. I'm sort of happy there haven't been a ton of updates I haven't caught up with.

But man; Can we just talk about Dex and Daina for a second? Because oh my goodness their voices. Their voices are amazing. They've officially blown me away, and I'd gladly choose them over Ruby in a heartbeat. They're just so much clearer, and I think the quality's fantastic! Plus the lack of drama surrounding them helps, too... :'D

RIP Ruby. Glad you got that design everybody wanted, but IDK how to feel about the final draft and after everything that happened, hmm. I think I'll have to step away from that territory for a minute or two. 

Stardust is looking fantastic and I'm super excited, Uni's gonna be V4 which is just as amazing! I can't wait to see how she'll look. Yuezheng Ling has successfully taken over the Chinese fandom, but I think that was expected, and Rin's got one bank down. I wonder how many they're gonna get. Here's hoping they're a step up from Luka because we all know how disappointing that was, "improvement" or not. >_>'

At the end of the day, I'm excited to see where VOCALOID's going. Get away for a month and it actually looks like things are starting to take a turn for the best, for once ;)

Hope you guys have been having a decent time. I understand there's been a lot of ruffled fur and not so fun times for a lot of guys and gals, so here's a hug from my side. <3

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