-Back again, sorry for the hiatus >_>"-

Surely, I'm not the only one who feels like VOCALOID4 just happened. Honestly, there was little to no marketing, barely any notification, and overall it just feels incredibly rushed. It's almost as if YAMAHA panicked when the little tidbit about V4 was leaked, and they felt the need to just up and release it. 

I am incredibly excited for VOCALOID4, I always have been. But I'm a bit disappointed with how suddenly it happened. With VOCALOID China and the two new vocals, I'm curious to see how this is going to affect their reception. In my opinion, it feels like VOCANESE was caught by surprise with the announcement of VOCALOID4. With Ruby, it certainly feels that way. Though regardless, I am very excited to see new vocals and all the new updates (AHS, THANK GOD YOU FINALLY UPDATED MY BABIES), that are coming. 

There's a lot of potential here for VOCALOID4, especially with the opportunity that those who've purchased VOCALOID3 are able to get the update for free. That's definitely something that I think was a smart move, especially considering the fact that they just threw V4 in all our faces. At least they didn't expect us to just drop everything and go buy a new $140.00+ program again, along with $140.00+ voicebanks that come separately. 

The new expression capabilities that V4 has is one of the biggest reasons why I plan on getting it, and it just looks so full of promise. Hopefully the sudden appearance of V4 won't affect sales all that much. 

Because you really have to think about this; With VOCALOID3, they announced it, held seminars and expos and all sorts of interesting promotional events, but with V4, it was literally a video, a few demos, and then BAM: It's here! Little to no warning. 

And if I compare this strategy with VOCALOID3 voicebanks who had a similar marketing strategy, it didn't bode well. At all. Here's hoping this doesn't hurt the software as badly as I think it will. 

(PS.. who else gets the feeling we'll be seeing a Miku V4 update before Rin and Len?) 

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