Am crying inside because I found the page I tore out for the KOREAN SONG FOR FLUTE GIRL Q U Q//

So happy! > v <

Sorry about the slower updates, one of them, the Girl Who Plays Flute, I had the lyrics transcribed on my notebook, and I had it done for the most part. But, I left it in my class, and the next thing you know, someone had taken it the following afternoon. ^ ^" 

I'm hoping someone gave it to the teacher, so hopefully I can get it done after the weekend! However, I won't be able to finish it until I get the book back. I'll add the few stanzas I had done. :-)

In other news

I get my classes changed,

And I am in one class where it is all seniors, and another class where it is all freshman/sophomore. The senior class I am a little nervous about, because I don't know how to talk to them. The seniors seem like they all are so much more superior to me! x'D The curse of being junior!

Any advice for friending around with the seniors? :'-) 

Have a lovely day! > v <

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