So, my Chinese teacher, Zhang Lao Shi, gave me a DVD her sons used to watch when they lived in China. It was the fourth season of the original Ben Ten series, in Thai! I have friends who live in Thailand, but I never really learned any of the language (ning nong is all I know, and it means daughter). 

And so I just started watching it only in Thai, because I always wondered what Thai sounded like when it was constantly spoken. 

And well, I dunno what to think. x'D

It's a very strange language, sort of tonal, and it basically sounds like someone talking backwards with a cold. And rolling all their r's. They also separate each word, unlike Korean or Japanese, where they'll slur some of the words together (su is just "s", shi is just "sh" in Japanese, sometimes). 

I then began to wonder; What would it sound like if they made a Thai VOCALOID? I kind of feel like it wouldn't sound all that great, mainly because it's not a particularly pretty language. I've never heard it sung, though, so I could be proven wrong.

But then I wondered, what other languages sound strange? What would they sound like sung?

And what would they sound like if they were turned into VOCALOIDs?

Hypothetically, what languages do you think would sound sort of funny if they were turned into VOCALOIDs? :-)

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