Suffice to say that, following the release of the last few V4's, I'm not particularly happy with the software. On top of that, hearing about the quality issues of Luka (choppier than v flower? Is that even physically possible?), the lack of popularity with VY1V4 and CYBER DIVA, combined with lack of proper buildup or marketing...

V4 generation is legitimately worrying me. 

I want it to be great, but so far, I'm not that impressed. To be honest, I'm not particularly wooed by Yuzuki Yukari's updates. The lack of demos without any filters or editing isn't very appealing. I want to hear this powerful voicebank of hers, but I have yet to hear it clearly, let alone loud enough to be heard properly over the music. Lin and Onn are nice, but until I can just hear the voices, I'm not too sure if I like it. 

The same with Luka V4X. She's had the EVEC demo, which was brief and she didn't really sing. And hearing that EVEC is going to be crazy complicated, it's just a downer from start to finish. CYBER DIVA had potential, VY1V4 had potential, and both are dropped because they're not popular, and didn't  have a lot of marketing or appeal. Gah, it's just so disappointing.

Here's hoping the next updates aren't as sad. Ruby, I'm holding out for you. She'll probably be the one I want to buy, since hearing Luka's a flop. I apologize for going the weeb route and choosing Luka over CYBER DIVA, so I think I'll just set my sights on Ruby instead and pray she works out alright. Uni, too...assuming she's V4.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm just not happy with VOCALOID4 right now. Like, at all. >_>

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