So it looks like, to me, V4's getting off to a rough start. I'm excited about all the updates in AHS and Luka, of course, but then we get down to the new "companies" and releases that aren't by the big guys.

STELLA crushed my heart this morning, and now I'm not sure if I can trust Xin Hua's release, since STEL was a freaking XSY vipperloid mess. And it's just so disappointing.

Do we just assume guilty until proven innocent with the VOCALOID4 announcements, or what? There's just a lot of  bumps in the road, now, and it's like there's a big cloud of distrust surrounding everything. :'I I'm very disappointed in Planty, and I'm not sure how Hua is going to do, assuming she's released as her own voicebank.

That, and I'm curious how her being Taiwanese is going to affect her sales. Considering China and Taiwan don't really.. well, get along.. all that great (Taiwan thinks they're the real China, and China thinks they're the real China. So Taiwan doesn't like CN, and vice versa. :U)

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