I've been excited for the release of Ruby for a while now, especially after finding out Natasha Allegri did some concept art for her, and they were planning on doing a whole new system of coding for the English libraries.

But after hearing her first and second demonstrations, I'm not impressed. She sounds nasally and compressed in the first demonstration, and nasally and weak in the second. She hits some notes solid in "Break Free", particularly in the chorus, but she goes from singing "This is the part where we break free"... she just sings a lot of notes weakly, and others not?

I guess the term there would be unbalanced. Which I'm very worried about considering I want to a) buy her and b) see her succeed. 

IDK. Maybe I'm being too critical of the English VOCALOID? I know she has some solid pronunciation and sounds a lot more fluid than others, but this just concerns and slightly upsets me. I want Ruby to be great, but these last few demonstrations have definitely disappointed me. 

Maybe she's still in beta, or she's like 60% done, or something. I'll wait to hear the final, but until then I've kind of lost interest in Ruby. I may hold out for Rin/Len V4 and maybe see if they're solid. ..tho Luka kind of botched my already weakened trust in Crypton.

UGH. I just want a solid, quality, fluid and powerful V4. That may or may not speak English. Is that too much to ask for? So far, the last V4s have killed my hope for decent quality, and that frightens me for both Uni, flower V4 and finally Ruby.

Come on, VOCALOID companies. Please step it up. I get the job's hard, and since I don't know how to make VOCALOIDs myself, I can only guess that it's difficult. But if you all can throw out amazing quality voicebanks in V3, there is no excuse for the trash that's been handed to the people in V4. 

VY1V4 is literally the only good thing that's happened. CYBER DIVA's fine, I suppose, but her voice is higher pitched, nasally, and it's not as great as everyone played it up to be. 

Ah, well. The best thing to do is wait, I suppose. I won't give up hope, but this is just where I stand. ^ ^" Unfortunately.

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