I have to say, I like some of the design elements going on with Xin Hua, and I am excited to hear her voice, soon. I plan on entering the contest, does anyone else? :-) 

In my biased, awful, probably shouldn't even  be spoken here opinion, I feel like she's the equivalent of a Tone Rion/SeeU love child. Though I like the volume knobs, they're very cute and they fit her design. I also like the hair ribbon they used, as well as the ascott and ties around her wrists and neck. Though I'm resisting the urge to have her tie the one around her neck around her collar instead. It looks sort of odd sitting there over her collared shirt.

I think it's interesting that she's being developed with a different Chinese company (well, co-developed). It seems like China's starting to see the potential in VOCALOIDs, which is always a wonderful thing. Now VOCANESE won't hold a monopoly on them, and perhaps it will spark more competition with the Chinese VOCALOIDs. I also wonder if, at some point in the future, this will happen with Spanish VOCALOIDs, and maybe even Korean (don't laugh at me. I know, it's a long shot. In the pitch black dark. 90000 meters away from the target). 

She will be one of my favorites, as long as she has a nice voice, I think. I'm hoping for a bit more of a mature voice, or maybe it could be more versatile like IA's or GUMI's, in that it would sound lovely in either the lower pitch or higher. It would be an interesting thing to see, for sure. Though since she's being produced by a different company, I can only wonder what the quality of the bank is going to be like. Maybe they'll pull a 1st Place and she'll sound top notch. 

But that's just my two cents. /)0 u 0/)

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