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  • Pihou

    Beach Vacation for Me

    July 18, 2014 by Pihou

    I will be at the beach for the next week and will not be able to use the Internet at all until next friday! It will be a long time so I won't be able to answer questions or update anything, unfortunately. Please make sure that the new contest for Luo Tianyi and YANHE, the "Chinese Idol" contest, is well taken care of! If not I am more than happy to research it more when I come back.

    I will miss you all and I will see you all in seven days! Have fun and work hard! Bye bye! :-)

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  • Pihou

    VOCALOID 4 Predictions?

    July 10, 2014 by Pihou

    So I have noticed that VOCALOID 3 has been around for a long time. It has been around almost longer than VOCALOID 2! I am beginning to wonder when VOCALOID 4 will happen, and what kinds of vocals we will see when V4 does come out.

    I personally think we will see another Chinese VOCALOID, if not this "season" of VOCALOID but in V4. The possibility of CV04? And also (I know I'm only dreaming for now), an SV02 of some kind? A new English VOCALOID would be very interesting. :-D

    Of course there will be more Crypton updates, I know for a fact since that is just how they work. But what do you all want to see? What are your predictions if/when VOCALOID 4 is released? :-)

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  • Pihou

    I am Alive!

    July 6, 2014 by Pihou

    I just got home from visiting mountains and it was very nice! Two weeks long but I did not tell anyone because I had no sad. :-(

    BUT it was still very fun and I am happy to be back! Now I can return to wikia and do more work! Two weeks is a long time to be gone, after all. 

    Also, now that I am home, I am going to push for SV02. I do not have many things prepared yet, but I have many things planned out. I have contacted a Korean friend that will help me with translating and trying to talk to SBS. It is a long shot and is not going to work many people think, but I will have hope! I will still fight, and I hope that all will work out.

    I know I sound like a silly otaku with all my smilies and my exclamation marks, but I am passion…

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  • Pihou

    VOCALOID Piano Songs?

    June 20, 2014 by Pihou

    I made a blog asking for help with marching songs before, but now I need some help finding VOCALOID songs based around the sound of the piano! :-D

    I do not mean song covers where they are piano versions of VOCALOID songs, but songs that are already based around the piano. Hiari, Hirari is the best example I can think of, but I cannot find other songs that are solely based around piano or mostly piano. Help, please? I need to find more for research since I want to write many piano songs for VOCALOID as well! Thank you! :-)

    Here is the list so far:

    - Hirari, Hirari

    Kuusou Shoujo he no Koitegami

    - No More

    - Shinigami Record

    - Meteor

    - Can't I Even Dream?

    - Soundless Voice

    - Proof of Life

    - Your Diva

    - Tell Me

    - We Will Meet Again

    - Footsteps of Time

    - Sou…

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  • Pihou

    Anxiety...Can You Help?

    June 17, 2014 by Pihou

    It is a personal type question, I know. :-)

    But I become very anxious whenever I leave my home, and I am taking a summer health class that only lasts eight days, and now there are only six days left before I am done. But I have had very close to breakdowns from getting worked up and anxious by being there and not at home. Even now as I think about it I feel myself getting worked up :-(

    I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to beat anxiety and stay calm? I have asked for help from family, but so far not much is working. I was curious if anyone here knows what to do! :-)

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