I have noticed many comments by people on the wiki, mostly people who are admins or have much experience, be borderline rude or negative toward other people, new or experienced to the Wiki. And it is not a recent thing either, it is just that I see many people who make suggestions or make simple observations or comments and are usually shot down.

There is almost a negative feel in the community? It is strange, I may just be looking into it too much, but I see many debates or conversations that I may want to join, and I feel myselfrowning as I continue to read the comments and replies. Someone says something that could be labelled "childish" and the backlash they receive is very mean and very harsh most times when I read replies.

Is this just because people are tired of seeing stupid commetary and are aggravated or bored? Much sarcasm and bad attitude, and many people are very mean and almost bullying when they disagree on things. The Wiki community is not a nice place, it seems to me.

It may just be because I am new, or because I am not always in conversations, but is this how the community really is? How would you describe the community? And please do not respond saying "I HATE THIS PLACE PEOPLE ARE SO MEAN!!!111!!1!" or other inflammatory things, please try to stay civil and respectful.

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