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Pihou July 6, 2014 User blog:Pihou

I just got home from visiting mountains and it was very nice! Two weeks long but I did not tell anyone because I had no sad. :-(

BUT it was still very fun and I am happy to be back! Now I can return to wikia and do more work! Two weeks is a long time to be gone, after all. 

Also, now that I am home, I am going to push for SV02. I do not have many things prepared yet, but I have many things planned out. I have contacted a Korean friend that will help me with translating and trying to talk to SBS. It is a long shot and is not going to work many people think, but I will have hope! I will still fight, and I hope that all will work out.

I know I sound like a silly otaku with all my smilies and my exclamation marks, but I am passionate about this and I hope that I will be able to at least try to convince SBS that, despite SeeU's "unsuccessfulness" (since her popularity has since grown very much in the last four years), that a second Korean VOCALOID would be a good idea. Besides, what is the point in having an SV01 if she is the only one? Does not make much sense to me. ;)

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