I made a blog asking for help with marching songs before, but now I need some help finding VOCALOID songs based around the sound of the piano! :-D

I do not mean song covers where they are piano versions of VOCALOID songs, but songs that are already based around the piano. Hiari, Hirari is the best example I can think of, but I cannot find other songs that are solely based around piano or mostly piano. Help, please? I need to find more for research since I want to write many piano songs for VOCALOID as well! Thank you! :-)

Here is the list so far:

- Hirari, Hirari

Kuusou Shoujo he no Koitegami

No More

Shinigami Record


Can't I Even Dream?

Soundless Voice

Proof of Life

Your Diva

Tell Me

We Will Meet Again

Footsteps of Time


Starlight Keeper

Virgin Road

Autumn in Central

Our Beginning


Yuri no Saku Oka de

- Sakura

- Singing for Yayin Gongyu

- Before it Rains 

- Short Circuit

- Tenohira

- Karakuri Pierrot

- Kagaribito

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