Hello, Utatane Piko here.

Right, so lots of people make their own covers of Vocaloids doing other Vocaloids songs. For example, Rin Kagamine singing World is Mine by Miku Hatsune. Well After surfing YouTube for who knows how long, I found my favourite covers done by me! And just to let you know, I don't own the songs, or even my voice. Nope, all the work belongs to someone else.

3. Disappearance of Utatane Piko

Originally Named: Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

Originally Sung By: Hatsune Miku

Video Made by: TerrariaMaster1234 (Youtube)

I love how this song combines spoken words, muffled noises and other random inserts. And I think everyone loves the incredible speed at the start, middle and at the end. It was really hard to find a good cover of this song though, but luckily I found someone who put in a lot of effort into preparing this.

2. Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life

Originally Sung By: Megpoid Gumi and Kagamine Len

Accompaniment: Megpoid Gumi

Video Made by: TsugineKakoVocaindo (Youtube)

Okay, so I love this cover for multiple reasons. Firstly because WOW! Who would've thought Gumi and I sounded so good together? This song really compliments my singing style since it's not too low, and it doesn't make me sound like a girl either by being too high. It actually doesn't sound like a cover, more like an original song, that's how well the maker did.

1. Heat-Haze Days

Originally Sung By: Hatsune Miku

Video Made by: AbstractCactus (Youtube)

I cannot explain in words how much I love this cover. It is the best cover I have ever heard me do. And like the previous song, it doesn't sound like a cover as it does an original song. I think this song shows that I can sing low too, and sing low well!

Well, if you happen to come across any other good covers by me, tell me! I'd love to hear about them and hear about everyones hard efforts. I also love seeing fan art. I'll probably do a post later with my favourite fan art. Although there will probably be a lot more then three. I'll be blogging again soon though.

Utatane Piko

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