aka GUMI

  • I live in the world of VOCALOID
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is being a VOCALOID who was developed by Internet Co., Ltd. who can officially talk and sing in Japanese and English
  • I am a girl
  • Pinkgirl234

    This is the blog version for this thread which I created based on the suggestion by Ihavenoideawhatsoever. From now on, this blog will be used more often. However, you can still leave replies on the thread. I'll still leave it open.

    Mirror archive links do not count in order to indicate a thread as complete.)

    |- | style="text-align:center;"|March 14, 2018 |

    • Added links of the "Voicebank Retrofitting" thread.
    • Added links of the "Where to buy VOCALOIDs Thread" thread.
    • Added the links to the following threads:
      • VOCALOID3: Oliver
      • Hatsune Miku V3: Vivid & Light
      • VOCALOID2 Support (+ Import Tool) Terminating March 2016
      • galaco NEO
    • Added an option to expand or collapse the table.

    |- | style="text-align:center;"|March 15, 2018 |

    • Added an optio…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    Originally, the title of this blog was "A List of Underrated Vocaloid Producers" but I decided that "A List of Vocaloid Producers Who Need More Recognition" is a much better title plus it might probably be more subjective for people as to how underrated a VOCALOID producer is.

    Okay, now to begin with, millions of VOCALOID songs have been produced over the years that have passed ever since VOCALOID came into existence. Numerous producers have received so much recognition. Big-name producers such as 40meterP, Kikuo, Pinocchio-P, DECO*27, Giga-P, CircusP, Crusher-P, Ghost, EmpathP...we've had heard of these producers numerous times and we have often praised and admired them for how well-made and amazing their works are.

    But there are tons of VO…

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  • Pinkgirl234

    EDIT: Topic changed.

    Anyway. Question is the title.

    MY ANSWER: No particular favorite. Whatever catchy or interesting goes to my list of likes.

    Like Pomp and Circumstance, The Sister's Story, and even the Onibi series.

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