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    Contribute on the VocaloidOtaku Thread Post!

    That's where the links to the fundraising campaign and the audition forms are! C:

    Hello. Following prompts on Twitter and Youtube, I have decided to create a Ring Suzune send-off project.

    This project aims to create a spiritual successor to our departed Ring, and will be created by the fanbase. Jewel is her name, and she will be free to use.

    Here's what we need to happen:

    - We need a voice actress

    We need an artist - We need musicians

    - We need an MMD Modeler

    Jewel will be on a variety of platforms, including UTAU, Reason4, and Cadencii. Here are is what her release entails:

    - An UTAU Voicebank, VCV Tripitch, with 3 additional expression libraries (soft, strong, and whisper) in .wav format

    - An UTAU-Synth V…

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  • Plantmageskelly

    I made a song with Tohoku Zunko to help the Tohoku Zunko relief fund. All proceeds go to the SmileKids Tohoku Kids project.

    I'll copy the desc from the video:

    This song was made to support the Tohoku relief effort. All proceeds from this song go to the SmileKids Tohoku Kids Project, which aids children hurt or orphaned by the earthquakes.

    Buy "/strength" for $1 here:



    Coming Soon

    Pay With a Tweet/Facebook Post-

    Tohoku Zunko was developed for the purpose of aiding the Tohoku reconstruction project, so I think it's fair that I create a song with her for…

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    View The Crossfade Video Here!


    As final sort of "I'm Sorry" (and due to popular demand), all of my old songs have been remastered and placed in a free-to-download album! C:

    ALSO this album is free to share, burn, use in video, anything! You can even sell anything you make with these songs, just as long as it's not the actual song! XD And if you make something, I'd love to see it! C:

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  • Plantmageskelly

    I emailed LAWSON regarding Akikoroid's usage in music (and to see if I could re-acquire a license for her), and they told me that although she will remain a public character, her usage in music is now discontinued. That would definitely explain why no other producers have been able to get a hold of her recently. Just thought I'd let you guys know C:

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  • Plantmageskelly

    My first song made for a commision! Commisioned by Berri~Team, a con-going idol group!

    This song will be sung and performed by them at one of their cons! Enjoy!

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