[ [[File:Asterhythm Synthesis Beta Demo-0|thumb|center|335px]]]

I am creating a new Singing Synthesis application called "AsterSynth". AsterSynth will run off of Cadencii as a seperate form of synthesis, and is based off of the now defunct "STRAIGHT" engine, using the free license provided by M. Morise.

The voices will not be user created. I would very much like to create a user-friendly voicebank creation tool, however this is impossible due to the complexity of voicebank creation. 

Voicebank timing data is acquired through an UTAU-like "oto.ini" file, however these files are not cross-compatible with UTAU and cannot be used in any other program.

Voices will be in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Chinese. The voicebanks will be free to use. Again, this application and the VBs involved can be run through Cadencii.

The technical form of this synthesis is similar to the function used by "Sinsy", however the algorithm has been altered and a different recombination type is being used. 

I might start an IndieGoGo to raise money for this to finish development. However, this will only happen if enough people express interest in these voicebanks.

I must stress this is a very early demo. Results will most definitely improve as I continue to work on the engine. Thank you for your time. 

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