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Code: Crystal

I have a new album out! C:

Please consider checking it out! It means alot to me :D


1. Crystal Throat (Kokone)

2. Day to Night (Miku V3 Dark and Light)

3. Something Missing (Merli)

4. Life Lemons (Lily V3)

5. Passing Trains [Re:Planted] (Galaco Blue)

6. Dispel [Re:Planted] (Miku V3 Original)

7. Escape Velocity (MEGPOID V3 English & Talk)

8. Something Missing (Planty Ver.)

9. Crystal Throat [Instrumental]

10. Day to Night [Instrumental]

11. Something Missing [Instrumental]

12. Life Lemons [Instrumental]

13. Escape Velocity [Instrumental]

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