So recently there's been alot of drama about the "utaite" incident. People say that they've been using UTAU to 'smooth out' the vocals or to reach outside of their range. And there's been LOTS of very rude and indecent things said to the utaite's in question, so I'm gonna lay some truth on y'all:

UTAU cannot be used in that way. An UTAU will not stay entirely truthful to an Utaite's vocals, and as well as this, metallic distortion caused by the UTAU engine and it's many resamplers will be very evident, especially on high notes and long notes. There is no current method available to recreate someone's singing voice perfectly, especially when the voices are extremely characteristic such as an Utaite's. The rumors that Hanatan and 96neko are using UTAU are not only wrong, they're literally IMPOSSIBLE. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of how UTAU works will know this, and anyone who has a brain won't believe these hurtful rumors for one second. 

The rumors actually stem from someone sampling Utaite voices and making fun cover songs with them, and the whole thing just got huge. To the people (or person) spreading these rumors, you need to stop. No one is buying it, and you're seriously hurting alot of these wonderful people. In short, it doesn't matter what you say or how you say, a large portion of the fandom knows that what you're implying is impossible. Using UTAU as a 'tag-in' during singing is not possible, and everyone knows it. 

So stop it. We know it's not true, so you can stop trying. Thank you.

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