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Hello. Following prompts on Twitter and Youtube, I have decided to create a Ring Suzune send-off project.

This project aims to create a spiritual successor to our departed Ring, and will be created by the fanbase. Jewel is her name, and she will be free to use.

Here's what we need to happen:

- We need a voice actress

We need an artist - We need musicians

- We need an MMD Modeler

Jewel will be on a variety of platforms, including UTAU, Reason4, and Cadencii. Here are is what her release entails:

- An UTAU Voicebank, VCV Tripitch, with 3 additional expression libraries (soft, strong, and whisper) in .wav format

- An UTAU-Synth Voicebank, VCV Tripitch with 3 additional expression libraries (soft, strong, and whisper) in .aiff format

- A Reason4 ReFill Plugin (CV, Tripitch) in .wav format

- A Cadencii Voicebank, VCV Tripitch

- Promotional Artwork and Concept Designs

- HD Wallpapers of Jewel and Ring

- MMD Model of Jewel, in .pmd and .pmx format

- A Free Album featuring Jewel (Digital Download) - Free Usage of Jewel in All Artwork and Merchandise (T-Shits, Posters, Mugs, etc)

Many fans were upset by Ring's cancellation, so Project Jewel seeks to ease the sadness a bit and help bring closure to the issue.

If this project goes will, one for Lui will be started too.

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