I made a song with Tohoku Zunko to help the Tohoku Zunko relief fund. All proceeds go to the SmileKids Tohoku Kids project.

I'll copy the desc from the video:

This song was made to support the Tohoku relief effort. All proceeds from this song go to the SmileKids Tohoku Kids Project, which aids children hurt or orphaned by the earthquakes.

Buy "/strength" for $1 here:



Coming Soon

Pay With a Tweet/Facebook Post-

Tohoku Zunko was developed for the purpose of aiding the Tohoku reconstruction project, so I think it's fair that I create a song with her for that very purpose. Many people think that just because the earthquakes happened almost 3 years ago that the damage is gone, but that's not true. The Tohoku region is still nowhere close to rebuilt, and many children have been hurt and orphaned, or require therapy to overcome the trauma of the earthquake. As well as this, Tohoku is constantly assailed by minor earthquakes and waves that make rebuilding hard. Every dollar to the effort counts. Thank you for your time. C:

Visit the SmileKids Charity website:

OKAY, my personal time to talk. I love the Tohoku region alot, and I was sad to find out that the region still hasn't recovered fully. I've known for a long that Zunko was made to support and help the Tohoku region, but I never really understand how until I learned of the Tohoku Kids Project. I know the song is kinda short and not the best, but every little bit of money and awareness counts towards the relief effort. C: I used all three available versions of Zunko (her VOCALOID3, Voiceroid+, and exVOICE versions), so please enjoy! :D I've been working on this song for a while, but I wanted to wait until after "stimulus/response" came out before I released it. Venus Dragoon and C20H25N30 would've taken publicity from it, so I waited a bit. Anyway, thank you for your time!

Tohoku Zunko is owned by AH-Software, the use of her image for profit for the Tohoku Region is covered and allowed in her EULA.

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