aka Macey Mello

  • I live in Drain , Oregon
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Tomboy
  • I am Female
  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Yohioloid as Homestar Runner

    Gackpoid as Strong Bad

    Ryuto as The Cheat

    Macne Papa as Strong Mad

    Yowane Haku as Strong Sad

    Kaito as Pom Pom

    Hatsune Miku as Marzipan

    Fukase as Coach Z

    Big Al as Bubs

    Nigaito(The Green Shion Brother) as Homsar

    Hagane Rin and Len as The Sad Kids

    Taito(The Purple Shion Brother) as Senor Cardage

    KYO as Stinkoman

    YUU as 1-Up

    WIL as Pan Pan

    Galaco as 20X6 Marzipan

    Yuzuki Yukari as Cheerleader

    Megurine Luka as So and So

    V3/V4 Flower as What's Her Face

    Cyber Diva as The Ugly One

    Utatane Piko as Sci-Fi Greg

    Tonio as D n' D Greg

    Cyber Songman as Open Source Greg

    Hiyama Kiyoteru as Japanese Culture Greg

    VY2 as Homeschool Winner

    VY1 as Champeen

    Kagamine Rin and Len as Preshy and Rafferty

    Meiko as The Hurricane

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99


    MIRIAM X Corrin (Male) (Fire Emblem)


    Sweet ANN X Big AL

    Hatsune Miku X Yohioloid (OTP)

    Hatsune Miku X Starfy

    Kagamine Rin X Robo Bonanza (Bonanza Bros)

    Kagamine Len X Akita Neru

    Kagamine Rin X Kagamine Len (To People who hate Incest couples. I.Respect.Your.Opinion)

    Prima X Tonio

    Gakupo X Meggupo (Gumi) (OTP, Better than Gakupo X Luka)

    Megurine Luka X King K Rool (Donkey Kong Country) (Crack OTP)

    SONiKA X Kapp'n (Animal Crossing) (SONiKA will turn into a female Kappa if she dated Kapp'n)

    SF-A2 Miki X Utatane Piko (Better than Iroha X Piko)

    Kaai Yuki X Ryuto

    Hiyama Kiyoteru X RUBY (Ruby is a Vocaloid Character ya know :3)

    Lily X Kyo

    VY1 X VY2

    MEW X Wil

    SeeU X ZeeU

    Tone Rion X Fukase

    OLIVER X Otomachi Una

    Cul X Nagareboshi Yue (UTAUXYZ,St…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    If nintendo fuses with yamaha to make a Mike voicebank......

    Name: Mike

    Gender: Male

    Voice: English: Seth Rogan (The man who voiced frank from sausage party) Japanese: Atsushi Hashimoto

    Company: Nintendo

    Language: Japanese, English

    Code: NV01

    Affiliation: YAMAHA Corporation, Nintendo

    Character Interface:

    Demonstration Song: Mike's Song(Reprise known as: My name is mike, First nintendo vocaloid) (Ft.VY1,Gumi,Miku,CyberDiva,KaitoEnglish,Cybersongman,Dex,Fukaseenglish)

    Lyrics to the demo song:

    VY1 Gumi Miku CyberDiva: Go! Go! Go! Go! Mike! (2x)

    Mike: My name is Mike, come on, let's robo-karaoke

    CyberSongman Kaito Dex Fukase: Rock the mic! (2x)

    Mike: Get up on the stage and sing a little ditty for me!

    CyberSongman Kaito Dex Fukase: Rock the mic! (2x)

    Mike: Of…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Silver As LEON

    Blaze As LOLA

    Tikal The Echnida As MIRIAM

    Lori Loud As MEIKO

    Lazy Larry As KAITO

    Yuki Yoshida As Sweet Ann

    Penny Fitzgerald As Hatsune Miku

    Lincoln Loud As Kagamine Len

    Lynn Loud As Kagamine Rin

    Nicole As Prima

    Patrick Fitzgerald As Gackpo

    Momoko Asuka As Megurine Luka

    Mrs. Fitzgerald As Gumi

    Onpu Segawa As SONiKA

    Aiko Senoo As SF-A2 MIKI

    Anais As Kaai Yuki

    Mr.Small As Hiyama Kiyoteru

    Mr.Yoshida As Big Al

    Richard As Tonio

    Zakuro Fujiwara As Lily

    Hana Makihatayama As VY1

    Darwin As Ryuto

    Doremi Harukase As Nekomura Iroha

    Tetsuya Kotake As Utatane Piko

    Rob/Dr.Wrecker As VY2

    Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune As Mew

    Hazuki Fujiwara As SeeU

    Masami Yoshida As Tone Rion

    Clyde McBride As OLIVER

    Buttercup (PPGZ) As CUL

    Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury As Yuzuki Yukari

    Nick Wil…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Yan Xi From MUTA

    February 1, 2017 by PrincessDaisyFan99

    I Found This Video Underrated.....

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