aka Macey Mello

  • I live in Drain, Oregon, USA
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is Tomboy, 2000's Kid, 90's Kid, 80's Kid, 70's Kid, Anime Fan, Girl Gamer, Sitcom Fan, Doll Player
  • I am Female
  • PrincessDaisyFan99
    1. LEON X LOLA
    2. MIRIAM X Corrin (Male)
    4. Sweet ANN X BIG AL
    5. Hatsune Miku X YOHIOloid (OTP)
    6. Hatsune Miku X Starfy (My Friend Ships It)
    7. Hatsune Miku X Homestar Runner (My Dad Ships It)
    8. Prima X Tonio
    9. Rin X Len (Please Respect My Opinion if you hate Incest)
    10. Rin X Crow T. Robot (MST3K)
    11. Rin X Robo Bonanza (SEGA)
    12. Len X Akita Neru
    13. Len X Tei Sukone
    14. Gakupo X Gumi
    15. Len X Yumemi Nemu
    16. Luka X King K Rool (Nintendo) (Better than Luka X Gakupo)
    17. Luka X Tom Servo (MST3K)
    18. Luka X Bones (Alter/Ego)
    19. SONiKA X Kapp'n (But Kapp'n has a real Wife!)
    20. SONiKA X Homeschool Winner (SONiKA kinda sounds like Marzipan) (Simular to Homestar Runner X Marzipan)
    21. SF-A2 Miki X Utatane Piko
    22. Kaai Yuki X Ryuto
    23. Hiyama Kiyoteru X RUBY
    24. Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kyomachi Seika (Voiceroid)
    25. Hiyama Kiyoteru X Kizaki Airi
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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Inspired by WatchMojo's Top 10 Videos.

    Have you ever imagine if Homestar Runner characters met some Singers?

    Here is some 20 Vocaloids to debut on the Homestar Runner Toon.

    1. Utatane Piko.He Sounds like Homestar Runner, But Didn't have the same Voice Actors. He will be in a Strong Bad Email Episode where Piko meets the Brothers Strong and The Cheat. and Even meet Homestar! The song in The Cheat's Record Player is Piko Piko☆Legend of the Night.
    2. Mew. Imagine if the Hurricane sounds simular to Prima and Mew. She can be in a Toon where Marzipan encounters one of my Favorite Vocaloid3 Japanese Female vocals. She can have a Vocaloid cover of Cool Tapes.
    3. SeeU and UNI. Imagine a Homestar Runner toon where SeeU, Vora, Khylin and UNI teach the Homestar Run…

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Have you ever know that if Homestar Runner characters are voiced by Vocaloids in Japan? Here it is! The Homestar Runner characters as Vocaloids!

    Homestar Runner as VY2

    Strong Bad as Gakupo Kamui

    The Cheat as Yumemi Nemu

    Strong Mad as Marie Ork (Alter/Ego)

    Strong Sad as Yohioloid

    Pom Pom as Wil

    Marzipan as VY1

    Coach Z as Fukase

    Bubs as Tonio

    King of Town as Big Al

    Homsar as Nigaito

    Senor Cardage as Macne Papa (Garageband)

    Stinkoman as Kyo

    1-Up as Yuu

    Homeschool Winner as Kaito shion

    Champeen as Otomachi Una

    Preshy as Kagamine Rin

    Rafferty as Kagamine Len

    The Hurricane as Prima

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Gakupo Kamui and Homestar Runner

    Tone Rion,Yumemi Nemu and The Brothers Strong and The Cheat

    Nekomura Iroha and Pom Pom

    Gumi and Marzipan (Because I ship Gumi with Gakupo better than Gakupo X Luka)

    Fukase and Coach Z (Even though Coach Z sounds like Fukase)

    Otomachi Una and Bubs

    Anon and Kanon and The Sad Kids

    Hiyama Kiyoteru and Senor Cardage (Kaai Yuki's Sensei and Strong Bad's most wanted Dad!)

    Yohioloid and Homeschool Winner

    Ruby and Champeen

    Oliver and Kaai Yuki and Preshy and Rafferty

    Cyber Diva and The Hurricane

    If Mike and Matt Chapman know about Vocaloid. Maybe there will be a Future April Fools vocaloid known as Limozeen, Sloshy or Strong Bad.

    I wanted some of my Favorite Vocaloids to do a japanese cover on each Homestar Runner songs!

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  • PrincessDaisyFan99

    Yohioloid as Homestar Runner

    Gackpoid as Strong Bad

    Ryuto as The Cheat

    Macne Papa as Strong Mad

    Yowane Haku as Strong Sad

    Kaito as Pom Pom

    Hatsune Miku as Marzipan

    Fukase as Coach Z

    Big Al as Bubs

    Nigaito(The Green Shion Brother) as Homsar

    Hagane Rin and Len as The Sad Kids

    Taito(The Purple Shion Brother) as Senor Cardage

    KYO as Stinkoman

    YUU as 1-Up

    WIL as Pan Pan

    Galaco as 20X6 Marzipan

    Yuzuki Yukari as Cheerleader

    Megurine Luka as So and So

    V3/V4 Flower as What's Her Face

    Cyber Diva as The Ugly One

    Utatane Piko as Sci-Fi Greg

    Tonio as D n' D Greg

    Cyber Songman as Open Source Greg

    Hiyama Kiyoteru as Japanese Culture Greg

    VY2 as Homeschool Winner

    VY1 as Champeen

    Kagamine Rin and Len as Preshy and Rafferty

    Meiko as The Hurricane

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