Yohioloid as Homestar Runner

Gackpoid as Strong Bad

Ryuto as The Cheat

Macne Papa as Strong Mad

Yowane Haku as Strong Sad

Kaito as Pom Pom

Hatsune Miku as Marzipan

Fukase as Coach Z

Big Al as Bubs

Nigaito(The Green Shion Brother) as Homsar

Hagane Rin and Len as The Sad Kids

Taito(The Purple Shion Brother) as Senor Cardage

KYO as Stinkoman

YUU as 1-Up

WIL as Pan Pan

Galaco as 20X6 Marzipan

Yuzuki Yukari as Cheerleader

Megurine Luka as So and So

V3/V4 Flower as What's Her Face

Cyber Diva as The Ugly One

Utatane Piko as Sci-Fi Greg

Tonio as D n' D Greg

Cyber Songman as Open Source Greg

Hiyama Kiyoteru as Japanese Culture Greg

VY2 as Homeschool Winner

VY1 as Champeen

Kagamine Rin and Len as Preshy and Rafferty

Meiko as The Hurricane

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