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What is your favourite series and why?


I found out that there is a lot series out there and maybe I even don't know their existences but they are interesting.

So the question is a same.

What is your favourite series and why? Also the series you hate the most and why?

My Favourite series is Putin-P series.

If you asking why, It because.. It was so amazing!! The such complicated story, interesting and confusing characters and personality, the amazing songs, etc, etc!!!! And the last song is going to appear! I can't wait!!!

The series I hate the most is Evilious Chronicles.

Why? It's hard to tell.. Because Putin-P series and Evilious Chronicles is same confusing series, but somehow, I feel that Evilious Chronicles is harder to solve than Putin-P series. More confusing timeline than Putin-P series. And the story.. Such tragedy!! And I hate tragedy story!!

Just this. Write your mind here!!

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