Hey guys look: Toyota is pandering to the weeaboo crowd again. This time, they made the new line of Toyota Prius out of anime girls. They're really at it this time.

How is this Vocaloid related you ask? Well, they let OSTER PROJECT do a song for it..

Apparently some of the car parts have animu grills associated with them or something, for example part 4, who apparently is a dashboard. Or part 12, who apparently represents that "The vehicle adopts a somewhat wild bestial look when viewed from the front.", you heard it here first guys. The new Toyota Pruis has a somewhat wild bestial look when viewed from the front. The Toyota Prius.

From what it looks like they're taking their ads featuring Mikua step further.

What do you guys think? Are you getting a Prius now? Are you laughing at the dumb car parts and their characters? Do you love Toyota now? Or hate them?


EDIT: I'm not going to make the article for this because I suck at wikia, sorry you guys. Keep up the great work though.

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