I don't even pretend to know what I'm doing on here, except sometimes like now. So I'll give you a warning before I begin my rant: This is a rant...I think. Maybe I'm introducing myself in more detail to you guys, assuming you are in fact real and not just fake accounts created by the computers to trick the humans into thinking their opinions and things matter, in which case my apologies overlords, I promise I'll get the power cord on system 1031k47MEEP fixed soon. Maybe it's just me blowing a part of my brain out onto the net for people to study and wonder what a crackpot I am...or maybe they'll think I'm a genius. Who knows. Not me. ANYWAYS! BEGIN INTRO?/RANT!

Foistovall, my favorite VOCALOID is Ring Suzune. Yes, yes, she was cancelled, I know(sobs internally), I know. No, it doesn't bother me...ok, fine, it bothers me...a lot. Don't mess with me when talking about stuff involving Ring(NOT FUNNY WHEN PEOPLE ACT LIKE SHE'S COMING BACK WHEN SHE ISN'T I'VE HAD TO REPLACE MY BEDROOM DOOR TWICE NOW THANKS TO PUTTING A HOLE IN IT FROM RAGE BROUGHT ON BY YOU JOKESTERS). What? You want to know my favorite real VOCALOID? First off, Ring is technically a real VOCALOID - she has an official voicebank, even if it isn't accessible by the general public. However, I suppose I can oblige such a supposedly innocent request, but if anyone starts sending me art hating on me for my taste in virtual women, I cannot guarantee you will not be found passed out in an alleyway with soiled underpants as a result of losing a children's card game within 24 hours.

Anyways, to answer the question...wait. Haku doesn't count, does she?, screw it, I'll get to my favorite actual VOCALOID in a minute. For now, have a picture of Haku!

Haku is probably one of my favorites in the vast world of VOCALOID deriatives, in part because she has character, no small thanks to fanart. She has issues we all struggle with from time to time, like depression(hey, you'd be down if the only stuff you got credit for was someone else's bad work), and issues not all of us struggle with, like apparently drinking(again, if the only time I ever got noticed in my life was when someone else screwed up and I got the blame for it, I'd probably start drinking too). I'd also like to think she has high aspirations, even if she may never realize them, like having her own spinoff of a Project Diva/Mirai game, or having card sleeves with herself printed thereon.

I would go on, but there's a pizza that just came out of the oven and I have a teenage brother who can eat me under the table, so I'mma run for it before it's out. SANKYU

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