Which vocaloid would you like to see updated by each company (other than vocaloid3 CFM Yamaha/BPlats and Internet)

Zero-G Leon Lola Miriam Pima SONiKA Tonio (For me Miriam) PowerFX Sweet ann or Big al(For me sweet ann)

AHS Miki Yuki Kiyoteru Iroha(For me Iroha) Ki/oon Piko(For me Piko) What about macne series updates Macne Sasayaki or Macne Coco W(For me Macne coco W) Voiceroid updates Shota or Ai (For me Ai) Or any ideas for new Vocaloids/Voiceroids/Macloids (I have an idea for a Bilangual Japanese/Spanish vocaloid named Hazel)

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