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  • RenQuenDren

    Ok, I'm re-doing this again because of User blog:Angel Emfrbl/End of Year Vocaloid most/least favs So, I decided to list my Most-Least favs here.

    BIG AL: I just LOVE his voice. It's so unique, deep and strong. I like deep and strong voices, he's also easy to use and he has nice designs. It's kind of impossible for me to dislike this huge teddy bear.

    WIL: His huskiness, airiness (Is that how you spell it?), his a bit flat but very amusing voice makes me smile. It's not THE MOST unique, but I also like whispery voices, and WIL being both masculine and whispery helps him. He's very easy to use too, and most of his designs are A+ to me.

    MEIKO: I'm aware that she's not the most unique VOCALOID ever, but I love her anyways. Her voice is magic to me…

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  • RenQuenDren

    I am in HEAVEN!!!

    June 11, 2015 by RenQuenDren

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  • RenQuenDren
    • Hey guys! I wanted to share my opinions on my fav list. Our opinions might not be the same, and I might sound a bit idiotic, if I do, sorry for that. X3 Anyways...!

    • BIG-AL: Probably something none of you expected. For some reason, AL gave me a feeling that other VOCALOIDs didn't give much/fail to give. I like his BETA VB, BETA box art, current VB and current box art. He's my top 1 fav so far!
    • LOLA: Maybe it's just me, but I like manly VOCALOIDs more. XD Like, even for a V1, to me, she did a great job giving realism to me! My favourite female VOCALOID there!
    • Tone Rion: Although twin-tails are bit common/generic, I sitll love her voice, and it's rare for me to like a moe VOCALOID. Her design amused me more than it should have, her voice is also…

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