You know, usually when people discovers Miku, they find her cute, but the same thing didn't happen with my cousins. We were around YouTube, and then we found "Hatsune Miku Ievan Polkka (or something like that)" on YouTube, that was like, years ago, when she was my second VOCALOID. Years went, and then I was talking about VOCALOID a bit, one of them remembered, and opened the video. So, it gave me an idea, and at THAT moment, I showed them ALL VOCALOIDs. (Don't ask.) And, they actually liked them. (OMG!) So, they went to visit me, I thought it was a greta chance to show them how does VOCALOID works. I asked them to pick a VOCALOID, and instead going for Miku and other populars... One of them picked KYO, other picked Sweet Ann! AND THEY KNOW HOW THEY LOOK!!!! And we messed around a bit, called it a day, and when they left, I was dying so happy.

Did something like this only happened to me?! XD

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