• Revoluxionist

    My list is going to be a little different, because I can't categorize them in just 3 category :/

    • MEIKO: Though she is a common singer, I still love her so much. I like her minimalist design, her powerful voice and everything xD (but I dislike her Dark vb a little bit :/) Her English is "meh" but still one of the best JPN--->ENG voice banks.
    • KAITO: I love Vocaloid because of him. (I knew Vocaloid before, -only CFM's CV series tho :/- but I wasn't interested.) I prefer his V1 over his V3 for wierd reasons :P (I think V1 is more lively, refreshing and young, sounds more like his voice provider, when his V3_Straight is unnatural because of the different engine and it is a "forced" vb. ..."Straight" sounds like a bored old man when tuned badly xD…

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