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  • Rhiabloom12

    First I'll explain what this thing is. Basically I 'm going to determine which part of the song is sung by which character since they're being voiced by the same vocaloid.

    This song is Dear Rangge (also known as Lover Rangge of Beloved Rangge) is about twins. Both of the twins are voiced by Hatsune Miku. The main thing I used to determine the views was the doubling of letters and a few educated guesses. (It's hard to explain but it makes sense to me.) The translation I used is the one by Vgperson.



    A game of musical chairs for two,
    Playing out like a comedy
    She said, said to her,
    "I don't need this..."

    Casually wearing black clothes,
    Things flow along to a laughable song
    And still we play our musical chairs together
    And it can …

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  • Rhiabloom12

    Module Catagories

    October 20, 2013 by Rhiabloom12

    • Append: Len/Kagamine Len Append
    • Append: Miku/Hatsune Miku Append
    • Append: RinKagamine Rin Append
    • Hatsune Miku Christmas
    • Hatsune Miku V3
    • Kagamine Len Christmas
    • Kagamine Rin Christmas
    • Kaito Christmas
    • Kaito V3
    • Long Pareo
    • Luka V4X
    • Megurine Luka Christmas
    • Meiko Christmas
    • Mizutama/Polka Dot Bikini
    • Resort Bikini
    • Shimashima/Striped Bikini
    • SW School: Kaito/Half Tights
    • SW School: Len/Swimshorts
    • SW School: Luka/Racing Swimsuit
    • SW School: Meiko/Water Polo
    • SW School: Miku/Swimsuit
    • SW School: Rin/School Swimwear

    • Aitetsu/Indigo (Hiro Tamura)
    • Yowane Haku Original (CAFFEIN)
    • Haku Gothic Purple (CAFFEIN)
    • Yowane Haku Swimwear (CAFFEIN)
    • Suou/Rasberry (Hiro Tamura)
    • Natural (KEI)
    • Akita Nero Original (Smith Hioka)
    • Neru Bukatsu/School Club Girl (Smith Hioka)
    • Akita Neru Swimwear (Smith Hioka)
    • Sak…

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  • Rhiabloom12

    Hello Plant Journal

    August 29, 2013 by Rhiabloom12

    In the mini game for Hello Planet there is a journal in the shelter whose translation is below.  I am not absolutley sure about the "child" The line where That child and Luka are in shelter 1. is stated the Japanese is あのコとルカがいるシェルター1も. The best translation for コ I could find was child and I think it makes sense.  I know it is only a phonetic symbol and may mean many kanji so if anyone knows anything better please share.

    × month × day (Day 1)
    Possibly, I might be the last human.
    There is no communication from anyone.
    For some reason I think I feel strange because I am the last life.
    I will continue this record until life ends.
    But now, that will be the only thing except...

    × month × day (Day 2)
    The world ended because of
    A diplomatic matter too

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  • Rhiabloom12

    Many translations of Alice of Human Sacrifice like to include thing like women of red/spade which isn't in the original and mix the begining of each section a little.  I chnged the one linked to on this wiki is incorect (it translated from a fan video so some of the phrasing is a little wrong when it comes to different sentences). I found one that was right but it was after I already did mine, and it is hard to find; soo... yeah.  Here's my translation.  (And yes I know about how people are supposed to verify a translation is acurate before linking so that shouldn't be a problem but... *says as nicely as she can that not everyone does*)

    Somewhere, there was a little dream.
    It is not known who dreamed it because,
    It was a little dream.

    The litt…

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  • Rhiabloom12

    Most of you out there most likely trust fan translations, I'm one of them, but sometimes they differ where the same line has two different meanings. For example in Rolling Girl I have heard the same line translated as both "The slope is tempting me to roll again" and "Even the hills provoke her to make mistakes as well". This led me to start translating it myself and got some translations differnt from what you usually see. I will post my translation here and also any other Vocaloid songs that appear to be mistranslated. Comment me any such songs you feel have been mistranslated and I will check and see, if they were I will add them here and my translation if they have indeed been mistranslated.  (If I have time.)

    Lonely Girl forever Doesn'…

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