Many translations of Alice of Human Sacrifice like to include thing like women of red/spade which isn't in the original and mix the begining of each section a little.  I chnged the one linked to on this wiki is incorect (it translated from a fan video so some of the phrasing is a little wrong when it comes to different sentences). I found one that was right but it was after I already did mine, and it is hard to find; soo... yeah.  Here's my translation.  (And yes I know about how people are supposed to verify a translation is acurate before linking so that shouldn't be a problem but... *says as nicely as she can that not everyone does*)

Somewhere, there was a little dream.
It is not known who dreamed it because,
It was a little dream.

The little dream thought
I’d hate to fade away in this state.
I'll get a person to look at me.

The little dream thought and thought,
And eventually came up with something.

I’ll let humans stray and crowd inside me,
And let them make a nice world.

The 1st Alice bravely having
A sword in hand, is in wonderland.
Various thing she slashed and brought down,
A bright red path spread out.

That sort of Alice, is in the depths of the forest.
She is confined like a sinner.
Except the path by which she made in the woods,
There is no way to know that she lived.

The 2nd Alice meekly
Singing a song, is in wonderland.
Various sounds flooded people,
They gave birth to a crazy world.

That sort of Alice, is a rose flower.
He is shot dead by a crazy man.
Bringing a bright red flower blooming in a ring
He who was admired by all withered away.

The 3rd Alice is a young girl.
With a pretty figure, she is in wonderland.
Various people are misled,
To build up a strange country.

That sort of Alice, was queen of the land.
She is possessed by a distorted dream.
While scared of her body decaying,
She is reigning at the top of the land.

Follow the forest path and
Have a tea party under a rose tree
An invitation from the castle
Is a heart playing card

The 4th Alice is twin children.
From curiosity, they’re in wonderland.
Various doors they have entered and exited,
Just recently they have come.

There is a stubborn big sister, and a clever brother.
They are close to the first Alice but,

Those two people’s dreams, they never woke from.
They continue to wander in wonderland.

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