First I'll explain what this thing is. Basically I 'm going to determine which part of the song is sung by which character since they're being voiced by the same vocaloid.

This song is Dear Rangge (also known as Lover Rangge of Beloved Rangge) is about twins. Both of the twins are voiced by Hatsune Miku. The main thing I used to determine the views was the doubling of letters and a few educated guesses. (It's hard to explain but it makes sense to me.) The translation I used is the one by Vgperson.



A game of musical chairs for two,
Playing out like a comedy
She said, said to her,
"I don't need this..."

Casually wearing black clothes,
Things flow along to a laughable song
And still we play our musical chairs together
And it can be whichever, whoever

It was given to me on parchment...
A contract...

Your voice, together with mine,
I hated how they would always become one
Even if I tried, I just couldn't hide
Because you and I are the same
So, shall we end our game?
It's a song for two...

The old track outside the window;
I chase a flock of gazelles alongside it
On stairs wrapped in ivy,
There's a cowering child with braids

She said, said to her,

"I won't be with you..."
And burst out into a dry laugh

As a flute blew whimsically

The girl who was in truth lonesome spoke...

I dedicate this bouquet to you,
Full of billowing red flowers
Face in sorrow, ears plugged up,
Seeming as if a touch would break you apart
Hey, I wanna hear you!
It's a song for two...

Don't cry...

In this world, I am alone,
And so I speak to beautiful you
Just love me...
Just like this, just like this...

With only a little voice left in me,
Shall I sing this song to you?
Oh, it's nothing, don't worry about it
Everything about me,
you can soon forget.

Until whenever we meet again;
And when that time comes, we can play more
When, during this song, things screeched to a halt,
You could sit in a chair and be happy

In this world, I am alone,
And so I speak to beautiful you
Just love me...
Just like this, just like this...

There is only one of our world,
And you say, "there's only one"
"I can't be with you..."
"Goodbye." "Goodbye."

To my beloved. [Rangge Poppel, my dear.]
It was only for a short time, but thank you for everything. [Thank you at short time. I hope that you're health.]
Thank you. [I'm sorry.]
Good night. [I'm sorry.]

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